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An Interview with Award-Winning Photographer, Stefan Schlumpf who talks about his Photo-Book 'Silent'

For those of you who follow my mountaineering and climbing magazine, ClimbSkiBoulderMagazine.com, you will have noticed that I ask my interviewees their opinion on climate change. This book is an incredible visual commentary of how fragile our planet is and how little time we have to correct our ways and care for our planet.

It's an honor to interview photographer Stefan Schlumpf. 'Silent' is a book that speaks volumes. A must-read, please pick up a copy and you're sure to be enthralled.

Editor: What inspired you to put this beautiful book together?

Stefan: Finding an image is always something special. This book is intended to share the fascination that continually spurs me on, that fulfills my creativity as a photographer, that places new tasks on me every day and that constantly challenges me.

Compiled in this photo-book are works which I have created over the past two years. On the one hand, ideas that have been running riot in my head - inspired by social issues, impressions of art, fashion and literature - develop to unfold visually into free and often extravagantly designed works.

On the other hand, traveling leaves a deep impression on me; thirst for adventure and meanders in the countryside take me to unusual places that - even when looking for them - would often remain hidden. With open eyes, patience and my personal affinity to nature, for me, the photographs contain much more than simply the image of the subject.

Watch, wait, turn around, and then return. Exciting lighting conditions create extraordinary atmospheres, shadows enable depth to emanate, fascinating shapes emerge like sculptures. My works are minimalist and often very graphic. I capture the magic and tranquility of nature with the intention of passing it on to you, the viewer. I provoke the observer. If you succumb to the challenge, you will recognize many facets and a very special type of beauty.

Editor: Really well described. And what is the meaning behind the book title, ‘Silent’?

Stefan: Silent. For a soundless second, the world stops breathing. We stop for a moment and listen closely. We try to become quieter to hear better.

However, stillness does not make a sound - but it can be seen.

Silence. Muse of our thoughts, freedom for the spirit.

Sometimes a comfortable coat, sometimes icy emptiness. Builder of castles in the sky, room for intimacy. It is thought-provoking, reminds, confines and demands. Allows us to relax and sharpens our sense of the image that it leaves. 

Silence reigns - it spreads calmly, quietly, silently and enhances monochrome shades. Wafts of mist soften like cotton wool. Pulsating lighting effects glide freely and brightly over treetops – here and there a flash of color, just a twinkle. Modest shadows whoosh melancholy over the landscape.

Visually satisfied, we start to focus on the basics, always discovering new things. Our inner feeling comes to the fore and we link visible sensations to a melody, creating our own song for the image - of how we experience the landscape.

Editor: Those are incredibly powerful words. Which photographers inspired you when you were starting out in the photography profession?

Stefan: A lot of them, too many to mention them.

Editor: Which images in your book are your favorites?

Stefan: Every image has its own story…hard to say or determine a favorite…maybe the hidden landscape, because I put so much energy in it…or some portraits…

Editor: What is the name of your professional website?

Stefan:  www.stefanschlumpf.com

Editor: Where can we order your book?

Stefan:  https://stefanschlumpf.com/published/

Editor: What are your thoughts on global warming?

Stefan: We should take care about our environment…everybody can help a little bit to make your planet an awesome place for living…

Editor: Your photographic work recently won a prestigious award. Can you share that with us?

Stefan: World Photography Award 2016, London

Category: Landscape

Check out the link below:


Editor: Thank you for talking with us Stefan, your beautiful and historic book is sure to inspire many future photographers.

Stefan: Thanks a lot, too.

Check out photographer Stefan Schlumpf's social media links:

Instagram: stefanschlumpf

Facebook: stefanschlumpf

Official website: www.stefanschhlumpf.com

Email: photo@stefanschlumpf.com

Photographer Biographer:

Stefan Schlumpf, born 1975 in Chur, Switzerland, is a multi-talented photographer with international experience across a range of genres. He began his career as an action and extreme sports photographer, before diversifying into people, advertising and landscape images and studying photography in Zurich.

Stefan has international experience working for agencies and editorial magazines, both on location and in the studio. His work has appeared in international campaigns as well as various magazines worldwide. His search for the best picture has brought him to six continents. Stefan is known for his very graphic, exceptionally aesthetic and reduced visual language. He is currently based in Chur and Zurich.

Interview © Vera Kaikobad L. Ac.
Images supplied by and used with Stefan's permission.

Author/Photographer portrait - Stefan Schlumpf. Copyright: www.stefanschlumpf.com